vSphere 6.0/6.5 web client crashing

So – a fun issue I’ve run into a ton of times:

You browse to your vSphere instance to login and do some work, your greated by the splash screen:

And then when you click the “Login to vSphere web client” link, you get a white screen that never refreshes.

If a restart of the “vsphere-client” service fixes your issue, you may be running into a Java Heap size issue. On a few of the vcenters I manage I found out that the web service was allocated reasonable small amounts of RAM, increasing the amount of RAM (by 2x) for me seemed to fix the problem. Some useful commands:

  1. Restarting the vsphere-client :
    1. service-control –list (Lists all services)
    2. service-control –stop vsphere-client
    3. service-control –start vsphere-client
  2. Checking heap (Java ram allocation) size:
    1. cloudvm-ram-size -l
  3. Changing the allocated size:
    1. cloudvm-ram-size -C XXXX vsphere-client
    2. xxxx being size in MB

Example :
1. Stop the service : service-control –stop vsphere-client
2. Changing mem size to 16GB : cloudvm-ram-size -C 16384 vsphere-client
3. Starting the service : service-control –start vsphere-client

Supporting KB from VMWare.com

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