Looking for a few good enthusiasts

So – IT and technology has become an integrated part of most of our lives.  From a person that just so happens to use a smart phone, to a person like myself – who makes a living in IT, its hard to make it through the day without interacting with technology.  This blog started out as a place for me to “take notes” and remember how to do things all while sharing this info with, whomever needed it.  Its sort of turned into a hobby for me and I figured “Why not see if anyone else wants to help out?!”.  So, if your into IT either as a hobby or as an IT professional and want to join this budding little thing I have started, shoot me an email and lets talk!  info@FullDuplexTech.com.  Maybe this will turn into something bigger.

I am not looking for ONLY people with deep wells of knowledge – I would love wildly varying skillsets.  Novices, experts, programmers, admins, devs, enthusiasts, etc..  There is no mold you should fit into in order to join.

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