iOS 12.4 Beta 1

Apple released their new hotness today… Lets talk about that.

So – if your like me, you’re always excited to play with new stuff. I have been sporting the “Apple beta profile” for a few years now via my paid Apple Developer program. Some of you may ask, “why?” and the simple answer is – I dont really know. I am a tech enthusiast and like to get my hands on the new tech/software as soon as I can.

Some of you may have noticed that Apple released iOS 12.3 this week and in typical Apple fashion – they have also released their developer Beta for 12.4 as well. Typically the initial releases for beta installs of iOS happen for developers first, followed by a SLIGHTLY less likely to burn through your battery, glitch out, lag, or just run in a way that most users wouldnt tolerate. This – for many people, is worth the risk though. Getting your hands on new features before your friends, having the new emojis a few weeks early, and sometimes – gaining access to MAJOR revisions of the OS before the general public is just – fun.

Not for the faint of heart

Like I mentioned earlier, installing ANY beta software comes with risks. Generally – its expected that you MAY have issues, the app/software may totally stop working – or just generally sucks, etc. This is why most developers will tell you not to run beta software in or on an environment where a bug could drastically impact your day or productivity. Apple, is typically pretty good about this though – I have yet to install a beta that made a major part of my phone NOT work – but I have had betas that drastically changed functionality for seemingly no reasons. For instance; a beta I had a while back hung up phone calls when I locked the device, while not a HUGE issue, the first 3 phone calls I hung up on definitely frustrated me lol.

Yeah yeah yeah – how do I get it!

So – there are a few ways to do this. The easiest way for people that just want to have a little fun with slightly less risk – would be to go with the PUBLIC beta’s. The public betas are for the users that want a taste of the new stuff without the risk a developer is willing to take. In general developers are writing apps and want to make sure their’s work on the latest iOS builds.

Installing beta software, as I’ve explained can be dangerous. If your not willing to take the risk, dont try it. BUT if you are, make sure you backup your device PRIOR to installing the beta. If you backup after, you will not be able to RESTORE DOWN to the prior version, for example. iOS 12.4 backups will NOT restore to iOS 12.3. If your not sure how to backup your device, check out this link :

Sign up for the public beta.
To sign up for the public beta head on over to BETA.APPLE.COM
1. Tap click SIGN UP, and login with your Apple ID
2. Click iOS (Middle of screen)
3. Click “Enroll your devices” up top
4. Click Download Profile and then follow the on screen instructions

After you install the profile and reboot you should see an available update to install the latest public beta.

Sign up for a developer account.
Want the first available beta the day its released no matter the potential issues that may come along with it? ME TO!!! To do this, you must have a developer account. Its a paid service but its worth it to those of us that want early access to get the software first. To sign up for a developer account go here : and follow the on screen instructions.

About iOS 12.4
This beta seems to be a hold over update that will probably “Increase stability” plug any exploits that apple may have found, and add support for the apple credit card that they’ve recently released. The install is just under 3GB and from what I can tell – has changed nothing. Fun stuff! I am betting that all the new fancy bells and whistles are coming via iOS13 in june. #AppleDeveloperAccount

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