Welcome to FullDuplexTech.com.  We are an IT solutions provider focused on Enterprise class solutions for private and public sector data centers.  Our goal is to break the “One size fits all” mentality when it comes to providing IT services for our customers.  No two business are the same so we believe that no “on size” solution will “fit all”.  Our slogan is “IT at the Speed of You”.  When an IT solutions provider is doing their job correctly – the technology that makes your business work should be seamless and flow as gracefully as a pen on paper.

Enterprise class services for all – We provide solutions to small and medium sized business that were previously reserved for the large enterprises.  From synced mail/tasks/calendars/etc (Microsoft Exchange) to globally accessible applications and mobile solutions, we can empower your small business to operate on an enterprise level.

Disaster Recovery – Lets face it, its hard to plan for all of life’s emergencies, but when you find yourself in a situation where your business’ IT infrastructure is being threatened and your staff cant do their jobs, you need decisive action, and you need it fast.  From co-located servers, to disaster recovery fail over locations – we can help you ensure that your business can sustain through the storm and provide the level of services your customers demand.