Adding windows install to mac, without bootcamp.

So – if your like me, you’ve had very mixed results using bootcamp.  To be honest, I have had 3 Macbooks and have only ever had it work flawlessly on ONE of those Mac’s.  My brand new 2016 Mac fails every time I try to install the second OS.  From what I can tell, it looks like boot camp does the following when setting up a system to have a dual boot (windows and osx) setup.
1. Create a windows partition – this part works
2. Download the latest support software (Apple drivers for windows os) – this part works
3. Copy some files from the ISO you provide to the newly created partition in step 1 – this part works
4. Reboots the system and boots the computer to the files setup in step 3 – this part works
5. This is where things get flakey… The winodws installer should now pickup and continue the installation but it gives a relatively vague error basically saying, “Dude.. Where’s the iso at BRAAA!?”, it cant fine the ISO…  So I thought to myself, that makes sense – windows cant read from the mac fs partition so it cant address the ISO.  So, me being super “smaaaart” I figured them their apple folk just didn’t think of this part and I (with a smug look on my face) set the location for the ISO to an attached thumb drive formatted in NTFS (Thanks Tuxera) – still no go.

SO – now I give up on bootcamp.. I am going to install windows myself.  Not a big deal, just download the driver package and move it to a USB, partition my disk, boot off a created thumb drive, install the OS, install the support package driver thingie, and b00m were good to go.

For those of you that need a little help doing this – check out this awesome article that outlines the entire process :


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