Connecting an NFS mount to all hosts in vCenter

Need to mount an NFS share to all your hosts? Want to do it fast?

PowerCLI is a great tool for automating, speeding up, and executing tasks on a bunch of servers at the same time. The instructions below will show you how to mount an NFS share to all the hosts in your vCenter.

Step 0 : If you dont already have it installed, install PowerCLI. (

Step 1 : Open Power CLI

Step 2 : Connect to your vCenter, “connect-viserver vCenterServerName.fully.qualified.plop” (Authenticate when prompted)

Step 3 : Type out the following command, replacing the variables with your specific data. Mapping of variables just below:

Get-VMHost | New-Datastore -Nfs -Name STUFF -Path /Folder/Folder/Folder -NfsHost NFSserverName.fully.qualified.plop

Source Info:
Server : NFSserverName.fully.qualified.plop – IP will also work here
Folder : /Folder/Folder/Folder – Folder on NFS share you want to mount. This folder will be your root.
Mount Name : STUFF – The display name for the NFS mount.

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